WHS Port Forward

WHS Port Forward 1.0

WHS Port Forward allowsr to utilize the UPnP feature of Windows Home Server (See all)

WHS Port Forward allows the user to utilize the UPnP feature of Windows Home Server to open forwarded ports from your router to your Home Server. This is useful if you have installed a 3rd party application that requires incoming access from the internet.
This Add-In removes the need to assign a static IP address to your server or manually forward ports on your router. Simply configure the port you would like forwarded, and let Windows Home Server handle it for you.
WHS Port Forward should work with any router that supports UPnP and Windows Home Server is able to configure automatically for Remote Access . If Windows
Home Server is NOT able to automatically configure your router for Remote Access then this Add-In will likely NOT work for you.
WHS Port Forward will present red text warning you if your router does not appear to support UPnP, or if your Home Server has Remote Access disabled.
In these cases, you will be presented with a "Test router again" button that will allow you test if UPnP is enabled after making changes to the configuration of your router.
WHS Port Forward will also add an exception for your configured port to the Windows Firewall on your Home Server, and remove the exception when you remove the forwarded port from the configuration.

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